The Prayer of Job
by Sandra Querin

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The Prayer of Job
Study Guide
by Consuelo Muex

The study guide, for group or individual study, can be downloaded for free and you may print as many copies as you need.  Free Study Guide Download.

If you would like us to print it out for you, we only ask that you pay for the cost of printing.  The printed version is formatted into a booklet and stapled.


The Prayer of Moses
by Sandra Querin

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Sandi's next book will be The Prayer of Donny.


Caryn Kilgore, the Counseling Director at the Revival Center has published her book, Open Doors

Review by Sandi Querin:  "There are often strongholds in our lives, things we do not know about, things that hold us back from living a solid and true life in Christ.  Whether we have known Christ for five minutes or 50 years, these things, if not dealt with, allow open doors for the enemy to enter and torment us in one way or another.  The instructions in this book will allow you to be totally set free from what cycles you back into sin, depression, and weakness.  It will teach you how to be set free and stay free.  Time is valuable.  It is my honor and privilege to recommend this book for you to spend some of that time investing in yourself and the Kingdom of God."

You may purchase a copy from Caryn directly by email, or you may get one from Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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