This is the course material for the Foundations of Faith class, presented by Caryn Kilgore for the Revival Center.  It is is a four-session course for those who are new to the church, new to the faith, and session number four is for those who want to learn how to lead an overcoming Christian life.

Each session includes a podcast lesson and links to resource materials.  If you do not have a Bible handy, Bible Gateway is a good online Bible.

Session #1 – Salvation, Assurance of Salvation and the Lordship of Jesus Christ

Session #2 – Prayer,  The Holy Spirit and The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Session #3 – The Bible

Session #4 - Open Doors and the Keys to Living an Overcoming, Victorious Christian Life  

Please note that some of the handouts are printable booklets.  You will want to print them two-sided and when you fold them, the pages will be in the right order.  If you do not print out the booklets, the pages on the screen are not in order, but  the page numbers are at the bottom of each page.

You might also want to read Caryn Kilgore's Book, Open Doors, available on Amazon.  See the trailer.