I am new to faith in Jesus.  How can I learn more?

Foundations of Faith -  This is the course material for the Foundations of Faith class given at The Revival Center by Caryn Kilgore and Pastor Sandi Querin.  It is a condensed four-session course dealing with the strategies of the Christian Faith.  It is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to grow in their Christian Walk whether they have been walking with the Lord for decades or just beginning.  Session four will be especially helpful for those wanting to lead an overcoming Christian life.

Fasting Guidelines - Information to help you prepare for the September Fast.  

Spiritual Body Builders - For those who really want to dig in and study the Bible for powerful growth.  Instructions and a reading plan.

Christ:  New Beginnings, Firm Foundation - by Alexander Katsaras, the Truth about the Christian walk and the transformative power that comes from relationship with our Creator.

Classic message from 2009 on Prayer by Sandi Querin

Overcomer's Handbook is for anyone looking to overcome bad habits.

Read Caryn Kilgore's Book, Open Doors, available on Amazon.  See the trailer.

Spiritual Growth Protocol for Every Saint

Where are the Revival Lifestyle resources?

You can find them here.

Your Pastor is a Woman?

Why Women Should Be Church Leaders and Teachers by NT Wright (video, 13 minutes)

What Did Paul Mean by "I Do Not Permit a Woman to Teach?" by Don Carson and Tim Keller (video, 3 minutes)

Women in Ministry by Mac Hammond and Junius Pressey

Women in Church by theologian Tom Brown

Ask Andrew - Can Women Be Pastors?  Andrew Wommack

What is Baptism?

Why Baptism?

Five Basic Facts about Baptism

Spiritual Dangers

Fear, a podcast with Alexis Newlin interviewing Rev. Sandi Querin on being brave

Halloween a Three-Part podcast series by Kristin Walters, and other resources

The Truth about Halloween brochure by Kristin Walters

An Insider's Warning by Andrew Strom

Gold Dust and Gems Falling From Heaven - Spiritual Adultery by Yasmeen Suri

Should Christians Keep the Feast Days? by Bible Flock Box

Should we Keep the Feasts?  by Walter Veith

Yoga and Christianity by Gail Burton Purath

Q:  "What is the difference between Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance?"
A:  "Spiritual Warfare comes in three parts: 
    1.  Resisting the enemy (which is an attacking move, not a running or hiding one)  
    2.  Overcoming the enemy (knowing your authority and identity in Christ through the Word of God)
    3.  Defeating the enemy by destroying his deceptions, temptations and accusations.
    Commands the release of demonic bondage and tearing down of strongholds thru Jesus in order to get a person set free.  Deliverance involves the breaking of legal ground in generational and territorial means that the enemy has acquired in your life; this is done by way of casting out demons and also destroying familiar spirits that oppress.
    Spiritual Warfare is an offensive act which leads to Victory over the enemy's plan in the spiritual realm which manifests on the earth in seducing, controlling, oppressing and possessing spirits."

Can I see some old photos?

Revival Center people and activities from before we started posting them on our Facebook page.

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