About Abba's Heart Ministries

Sandi Querin struggled with the disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and its complications while teaching Law and Business full time at several California State Universities and managing her own legal firm.  At the same time, she was preaching part-time.  God supernaturally healed her and called her to leave her career positions to preach the gospel full-time in 1996 after she became an ordained minister.  She founded Abba's Heart Ministries and followed the Lord wherever He led.  She and Martin, who is a Civil Engineer, have been married since 1978.  Their son Donny became a citizen of Heaven in March, 2010 after a long battle with Leukemia and its complications.  Their daughter Cynthia, who along with her husband Omar are parents of beloved grandsons Abel, Ronan, and Donovan, are serving the Lord.  Read her testimony.

Traveling across the United States and around the World, she has ministered to thousands, with the unwavering message that Jesus is enough!  The Lord demonstrates Himself in power through her to save and deliver those who are crying out to their God for a miracle.  The Lord has empowered her to bring hope to hopeless situations, reason to confusion and passion where there was compromise! 

Her first book, The Prayer of Job, was published in 2002 with astonishing results in the lives of those who read the book and took its message to heart: forgiving and blessing their enemies and being set free to forsake fear and embrace a fellowship that goes beyond mere relationship into trust.  Study groups are popping up all over the country.  

The Prayer of Moses was published in June of 2006. Learn the lessons of life with Moses as he confronts rejection, meets with God face to face and comes to understand the difference between faith and trust. Take a journey from the Birth of Moses to the Burning Bush, and venture from the Plagues to the Promises and come to your fullness in Christ as you walk through the Exodus to the Exile.
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The Revival Center opened in January 2006 and began weekly Miracle Crusades on Friday nights.  It soon became apparent that people were coming who were in need of a church home, so Sunday morning services began in October of the same year.  Currently there is a full schedule of opportunities for worship, Bible study, and fellowship at 2221 Villa in Clovis, California.


Not everyone can attend the Revival Center, so the services have been made available on YouTube.  We are also on the CW, channel 59 on Sunday mornings at 8:00am, and on the radio at TALK 1680 AM at noon on Saturdays, for those in the greater Fresno area.

If you have concerns regarding a woman pastoring, there are articles in the Resource section.


Worship at 10:00 am

Nursery for ages 0-1

Sheep Gate for age 2

ARK for ages 3-7 begins at 10:15

AWAKEN Revival Service

First Friday of each month

7:00pm, doors open at 6:45pm


Visit the church: The Revival Center, 2221 Villa Ave.,
Clovis CA 93611

Mailing Address: PO Box 740, Kingsburg, CA 93631

Visit our office: 1516 Draper St, Kingsburg, CA 93631

(559) 897-9575