Prayer Of Job Testimonies

I was raped as a young girl and became pregnant. Then I married a man and had 3 more children.  He was abusive and ended up going to prison.  He was eventually murdered in prison.

Next I married a wonderful Christian man. However, it turns out that he had a pornography problem that lead him into a perversion that I don’t think he ever wanted to embrace.  He began to molest my children, one by one.  The lies of the enemy caused my children to believe that I would be harmed if they told, so out of their love for me, they kept their silence. Then one day it all came out.  One of my daughters confessed it to me and I confronted him.  He admitted it and today is in jail. 

Time and the love of the Lord was healing my family when I realized my love for a widowed man in our church.  He was truly full of Christ upon this earth.  I haven’t always been a good judge of character, so I let my children choose for me!  They said he was a perfect man and they were right.  We had 2 of the most beautiful years of my life.  This man put our family back together with the love of God and then he got Cancer.   The struggles that we went through were unbelievable.  The struggle went on for over a year and just ended a few months ago.  My husband has gone on with Jesus into glory.

During this time of trial of my husband’s illness, a friend came in and gave me The Prayer of Job while I was at the hospital.  I had no desire at all to read this book.  None.  It sat there for a few weeks.  The complications from his cancer and surgeries were unbelievable.  I was endlessly at the hospital and one day my husband asked me to please read the book.  I would deny him nothing.  At page one we both began to cry.  It took us several days to get through the book because of our weeping.  I came to realize that I was desperate for the promises of God and not desperate for God.  I was scared of what might happen to my husband, my perfect man.  Instead I should have been concentrating on my perfect Lord.  I couldn't trust God.  I just couldn't

When the book says to “lay the promises down and trust Jesus to perform them in His time….”, my body began to shake.  I realized I was worshipping hope and fear.  When I got rid of that, I began to sleep at night.  I began to sing again and I began to know that whatever happened with my husband, that it would be okay.

I wanted him to live, but when he died it was all right because I knew I was trusting Jesus and not a man or a marriage.  My children have seen a strength in me that I never had before and it has inspired their faith.  I can only imagine what would have happened to us all had I not read The Prayer of Job.  When my husband died, I never would have been able to handle it.  Jesus never left me, but I was having a lot of trouble hearing Him because of my pain.  It was especially wonderful to me that my husband and I went through the book together; we discovered so much truth together. This is a time that I have grown to treasure as one of the greatest memories of my marriage.  Thank you for that.

Because God allowed my path to cross with a man who only had a short number of days left, my life has been abundantly enriched.  I wouldn’t trade those few short years in for anything and I find myself grateful to this God whom I was mad at for so very long!

Name Withheld, West Virginia      

When I started reading this book, The Prayer of Job, I had bone cancer and was, as they say, “on the way out………”  My soul is full of revelation and revolution.  My cancer is totally in remission.  Psalm 118:17 “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord!” 

Each day after reading this book, the Lord revealed to me another truth about the “cemetery of my soul” as you said.  After a 2 week period of crying out to God; not for my own life anymore, but for the lives of those around me and in brokenness (finally, thank you Lord), I began to notice that I had more energy than I had ever had before while being sick with the cancer.  Each and every day, it seemed that the more I blessed others, the better I felt.  The more I praised the Lord in all things, the better I felt.  I guess I just blessed others, judged myself and praised the Lord all the way to health!  Hallelujah I am healed.

The report is good from the doctor and outstanding from God.  The cancer they say “seems to have taken a break”  It’s gone! 

Praise God!  

Betty, Indiana

After reading The Prayer of Job and praying that prayer, I put my bottle down and have never taken another drink.  Thanks for giving me the courage to do that.  I thank Jesus for His ability He put in me to fight fear with His own courage.  I know that my children will have a better life because I am able to do all things through Christ and I intend to live that.

My husband left a few years ago and I guess I’ve been bitter about that.  Well, I knew I really forgave him when I could speak a blessing over him.  Thanks for showing me how.  After that is when I had no more desire for alcohol.  I am totally free of it.  I’ve tried every program in the book and they all failed.  Jesus, however, never fails!

Donna, California

My mother died of diabetes, as well as my aunt and my sister.  I have had diabetes for 15 years and it didn’t look good.  I read The Prayer of Job and God has totally set me free.  Set me free from fear and anger.  My diabetes is gone and I can hardly believe it.  I keep going back to the doctor because I can’t quite get a grasp on it.

My husband and I were reading this book as an evening devotional before going to bed each night and it slowly transformed us.  We usually went to bed crying, if not for you, then for us, and if not for us, then the Lord Himself!  At the end of the book, we prayed this prayer in awe of God and watched our lives be transformed, starting with our hearts!  Our marriage has been elevated to a new and beautiful place, we are so very grateful.  Diabetes has been a part of our family forever.  I never expected to be rid of it.  I just wanted to be closer to Jesus, I just wanted to learn to trust Him more.

Then one day, I felt powerfully, wonderfully different.  So, I went to the doctor to have them run some tests and they said the diabetes had disappeared.  I don’t know what all tests they took, but I haven’t taken my insulin shot for a month and I feel fantastic!  What a thrill!  My girlfriend told me that I ought to write to tell you what your efforts and the power of God has done for me, so here I am, writing to a complete stranger about the glory of God!  I guess wonders will never cease!

Carol, California

I had to write to you, I just had to!  I don’t know who will get this, but to God be the Glory. I have been praying for my  4 sons for 20 years for them to be saved.  I was saved “late” so, unfortunately they are living the life I used to live.  But, in the one year since reading and praying The Prayer of Job as Jesus instructs us to do, all 4 of my sons have come to know the Lord Jesus.

I have been angry for many years and didn’t realize that anger was actually preventing my sons from finding Jesus because it was preventing my prayers from being heard. My anger took up all the room in my heart, so there was no room left to trust the Lord.  When the anger left, the trust came and with it a huge peace and now redemption of my sons.

Thank you Jesus!  I shudder to think of the state of my heart and lack of trust that I had just a year ago.  With the Lord’s help, I will maintain this walk.

Iris, New York

I was a pretty miserable person until I found Jesus.  When I found Jesus I just wanted to sit at His feet and be loved on.  I’ve had one of those lives of abuse and horror and I just wanted to have someone love me without an "agenda".  The Prayer of Job explained to me that Christianity is more than that.  Because of this book, I’ve been able to quit feeling sorry for myself and start praying for other people.  It is such a joy to pray for others.  I could never do it feeling bad for little old me all the time.  I feel like I’m finally “on the team.” 

Allison, California

Our ladies group at church has used The Prayer of Job for our text this quarter.  On our last night together, we each proceeded to pray this prayer and ask God to reveal truth to us.

I have had arthritis and a blood disorder for many years and have suffered much pain.  When it came my turn to pray, I felt fire all over my body and a warm sense of peace. It was the power of God I tell you! All over me.

I am completely healed.  From that moment a month ago and still today.  Completely healed!  What a fantastic day and a fantastic book! What a fantastic God we serve.

Marly, California

We have been childless for 9 years.  We read your book and almost like a magic formula, we are pregnant!  We both had issues of distrust with the Lord and anger toward others.  This combined with a fear of completely obeying God, made us perfect candidates to Pray the Prayer of Job. 

We feel so light and free, clean and pure.  We just feel so good and close to the Father.  We feel like there is finally nothing in the way ---- a clean slate for Him to write on.  And, the first thing He chose to write was PREGNANT WITH CHILD!   The word says that our sin builds a wall between us and God.  Down with the walls!  It’s as if the womb was purposefully shut by God because of sin and with that gone --- Wham -------  clear sailing from here.  Thanks! 

Andrew and Katie, Kansas

I have been a homosexual for 17 years.  I could never really say how I got here before, but I know now.  Some say that we are born this way.  They are wrong.  I always felt that I was in error some how, but haven’t been able to get to the bottom of it until I read The Prayer of Job.  I saw this book in the doctor’s office of all places and the cover intrigued me, so I picked it up and asked if I could take it home for a few days and bring it back later.

Through the pages of this book, I have found God and I thought I should tell somebody. You said that there is no sin that is bigger than Jesus, I believe you.   I have cut myself off from my gay lifestyle and now am alone.  I’ve never been really alone before, but it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I have this great and perfect peace.  I can’t explain it. 

Praying the Prayer of Job has made me look into my life and discover things from my childhood that I didn’t want to face.  I was molested as a boy by another boy and then later by a man.  It created in me, this need for men and a false rejection of women.  I gained my value from the gay lifestyle instead of the true identity that Christ had planned for me to have; the identity of being a child of God.  I haven’t had a stitch of therapy, it has all been Jesus over this past year and I can honestly say, I am no longer a homosexual.  I have been totally set free by the power of Christ.  

My family has disowned me because I told them I was gay a few years ago.  When I told them I had found Jesus, they only made fun of me.  In the midst of this, I lost my job because of slow business.   I was totally alone and trusting God to bring me a new job and a new life.  I tried to find a church where I wouldn’t be judged for my past lifestyle; but that was hard in a small town.  So, I made the decision to leave. 

I pray that someday I will be restored to my family.  My sister calls me now and seems happy for me.  I pray, not for my wounds because they are healed, but I pray for their salvation and I thank God for the privilege of doing that! 

Now, I have a job that I love and a girlfriend that I love.  We go to church together for every event and belong to a bible study group.  I never knew that life could be so good.  I can hardly believe what God did in one short year, starting with a prayer coming from a trembling, hurting man trying to relate to Job (who I never heard of before) in order to find a Savior.  I am, above all people, blessed.  Thanks for being in the doctor’s office for me and thank you Jesus for letting me catch that awful cold so that I would have to go to the doctor!      

Arthur, California

I have had Lupus for 7 years and a co-worker brought me The Prayer of Job to read.  Oh, the joy that filled my soul to discover the power in that book and the ugliness in my own heart.  I’m a Christian woman, but nevertheless, human.  So, there were these things hidden deep within my soul:  Things of not truly trusting God and wanting my own way.  Praise the name of Jesus, he has shown me through these pages how to lay down my control and fear and totally trust Him.  I read the book 3 times and really began to understand all the deep truths there.  My Lupus is gone.  It seemed to disintegrate when my lack of trust left.   It was as if my fear was holding that disease onto me.  I have not one symptom and the doctor says my blood levels are totally normal along with everything else.

I am living proof of God’s healing power.  Thank you and God Bless.

Evangeline, California

My wife got cancer and I lost my job all in the same week.  Wow, there was never a more true statement made than when it is spoken in the book, “The word of God came to try Job.”  So, we followed the instructions in the book about trusting Jesus and in  just a few short days we were laughing all the way to the doctor. Our trials became a blessing to us!  We could almost hear the devil throwing a temper tantrum.  I never knew there could be so much excitement in the middle of tragedy.  We never saw the tragedy, we always kept our eyes on the deliverance that was coming.  Every day started with a true anticipation and excitement about what the Lord would do next.  I have never felt so cared for or excited in my life, it was a wonderful experience to walk with the Lord through all of this.   Today my wife is cancer free and how great it is to absolutely trust God like this, we never thought this life was possible.

Money is almost out and today I’ve been offered a job.  I don’t want to go back to work!   But, I realize that even “honeymoons” must be over at some point!  I’ll be making more money and working less hours than before.  We are a grateful family and the best part of all is our children have seen this.  Now they have a first hand experience of how a Christian should endure a trial.  Trusting Jesus.  Thanks for letting us give them that heritage.    Praise the Lord whom I serve with joy unspeakable and full of glory!

Gary, California

I was raped at 12 by my father.  Had an affair with a married man at 14 and at 17 became pregnant with my boyfriend’s baby, who was killed of a drug overdose 2 months before my baby was born.  My baby is 6 months old and I am very much alone. What could God do with this messed up life?  I said  “Nothing” and the world seemed to agree with me.  My own Mother has told me that I was unwanted and because of me, my parents couldn’t retire and go do what they wanted when they wanted.  My other brothers and sisters are 14 years older than me and have made it clear that I am not their “type of person”  They don’t want me around.    When I told my Mom about what my Dad did, she threw me out and now I’m in this shelter.  Two of my brothers and 1 sister are Christians, but that doesn’t seem to make them want to act like Jesus much.

A lady who comes to the homeless shelter gave me a copy of this book  2 months ago and she said that I should write to you, so here I am.

I guess I hated everybody, even, no especially God.  He could have done something to help me and choose not to.  That seemed pretty sick to me.  After I read your book, I began to think a lot.  I began to ask this lady a lot of questions about Job,  his prayer, the instruction of Jesus in this book and also about my life and heart.  Well, I accepted Christ after reading this book and then I started to apply the principles of The Prayer of  Job  in my life.   That was dangerous for me, because I carried a lot of anger and pain.  But, I didn’t want my baby to grow up mad at everybody like I did, so I gave the Lord and this prayer a chance.

I began, with much shaking and trembling, to pray this prayer and ask Jesus to help me.  After about a month, my sister came by the shelter and asked if she could talk to me.  She hugged me and started to cry.  I never experienced this before.  She said that she stayed away from me because I reminded her of what happened to her and what her life would have turned out like if she hadn’t met her husband, who rescued her out of this slum.  She told me that Dad had molested her as well when she was young.  So, then I cried.  I had been praying for her, but actually wasn’t sure if those prayers coming from a heart as week as mine, actually got through.  They did! 

She took me out of that shelter.  Her and her husband, Jack, have asked me to live with them.  They watch my baby, while I study to take my high school test.  Their kids are grown and they have the room and make me feel so glad to be here.  They are helping me raise my baby in church.  I volunteer at the shelter now one day a week and keep doing my Bible studies with Evelyn, the lady who helped me so much.

I have a home and a heart now.  Thanks for letting me trade my anger in for hope!

Your friend forever,

Debbie, Kentucky          

My husband has committed adultery 4 times and I have stayed with him because I don’t want my children to suffer.  It has put a pain in me that I cannot explain.  I have loved Jesus since I was small and counted on Him for many hard things.  He has always been faithful.   But this last infidelity has brought me to a pain I can’t describe.  Why wouldn’t God intervene?  “I trusted You with my marriage and You failed me,” I screamed at Him.

Empty and worthless.  That’s how I felt.  I knew I would find my way back to God somehow, but in what condition?  A friend of mine me ‘The Prayer of Job” and I threw it at her.  I yelled at her, “Why pray a prayer to a God that doesn’t hear.  He didn’t hear Job and He won’t hear me.”  I was mad.   I have a forceful friend, who thank God, wouldn’t walk away from me or my anger.  She hugged me and as I cried she wrapped her arms, the arms of the Lord around me..  She made lunch for me out of the meager fare in my frig and asked me to sit for 20 minutes while she read to me this book about Job and His prayer.  She has been such a good friend to me, out of respect, I said yes, but, please only 20 minutes.  After 5 minutes, she had to stop because I was weeping so hard.  We spent the rest of that day reading that book. 

I’ll spare you a 5 page testimonial of all the details, but know this.  By the end of the day, I saw my husband as Christ did and was weeping for his soul.  My friend and I decided that we would fast that week and Pray the Prayer of Job for my husband.  I have never had such freedom or expectancy in prayer in my life.  That next Sunday my husband not only went to church with me, but he gave his heart to the Lord and now he is actually leading our family to a place of prosperity in the spirit and in this life.  My anger was actually preventing his salvation.  I work everyday to arrive at a greater place of restoration and forgiveness with my husband.  I do love him and we are planning a 2nd honeymoon at the end of the year.  I hope to be totally healed by then. 

He has wept such bitter tears before me and before the Lord for what he did to me, but his heart is more broken for what he did to the Lord, which is actually comforting to me.  He apologized over and over again to me.  He is different.  He never had such pain and regret for his crime before, never.  He is like Peter weeping those hard tears after denying Christ.  I have never seen that before. 

This man is reading his Bible instead of eating lunch.  He said he is going to be fasting lunch everyday until the end of the year.  He is in construction and I know it will be hard for him, but the effort he is making is causing me to fall in love with him all over again.  It is only the Lord that can compel him to be so changed.  I’m still amazed on Sunday mornings when my husband serves me breakfast in bed, declaring what a beauty I am and helping me get the kids ready for church.  I believe that when he fell in love with Jesus, he fell in love with me all over again as well!  Now that the anger and bitterness are out of my soul, maybe I am actually worth loving.  Jesus has done a great thing here and it all started with a book I threw across the room, hoping to hit a dear friend with it!

Sasha, California 

Praise the Lord!  Over the last ten years in particular, life has been tough for me.  Failed businesses, failed relationships, failed ministry which eventually resulted to a failed faith. The more I trusted in the Lord, the more I got disappointed and heartbroken. I felt the Lord had forgotten about me and didn’t care.  When I prayed for something, the opposite would happen, so I lost the desire to take my request to Him. I could not backslide: I have been saved for too long.  I didn't know where to start in the world of non-believers and I knew better than to try. So here I am saved but with nothing much to show for it was my attitude.  My only hope was that someday I would not suffer eternal flames.

It’s in this miserable situation that I read “The Prayer of Job.”  By reading the first chapter my problem got defined and I realized that I had "Wounded Faith."  Next I realized that there was healing for my situation.

My prayer life is now healed I can bring all my cares before God knowing that He is listening and that He cares about those things that seem to give me a hard time.  I forgave others and then I forgave God, then I forgave myself.

Suddenly, some of the situations I have been praying about for years are now being answered. Opportunities are swinging open before me
and I'm also becoming a more pleasant person!  Because the healing in my heart is so real, I can actually bring healing to other people now. God has just unleashed an anointing for me to be a blessing and a comforter to those who are
facing situations that are now destroying their Faith.

Veronica, Nigeria

I had always lived my life for myself.  I was raised with money and was taught that the people who didn’t have money were ignorant or lazy.  I grew very judgmental of people who didn’t have any “means.”  I married a selfish wife and we raised selfish children.  Then my granddaughter was born retarded.  I hated my son-in-law and blamed him for his “bad genes.”  I grew estranged from my daughter and her family.  I couldn’t stand the seeming lack in my granddaughter, a “defect” that I could not.  I ignored my daughter’s family and tried to pretend they didn’t exist.

Soon, my daughter and her side of the family had no use for me either.  They moved away and soon afterward my wife died.  I was determined to find a younger version of my wife and keep moving on. 

I still can’t believe that I allowed my judgmental and critical self to rob me, even for a few short years, of my precious daughter and her family. The gifts of God that I threw away.  My love for myself and my ideals had become larger than my love for anyone else.

I lived in Arizona and my daughter had moved to Illinois.  She read this book called The Prayer of Job and called me after not speaking to me for almost 5 years.  She told me that she was flying out to see me and she did.  She came alone.  There was something different about her.  The lines of dismay and anger toward me were gone.  She embraced me like I had never hurt her.  She hugged me as if she was glad to see me.  Her actions toward me broke me in half and totally humbled me.   I had never had that happen before.  I can’t explain it, but it made we want what she had……desperately. 

She began to tell me how she read this book and it rekindled her walk with Jesus and how she needed to make things right between us, whether I wanted it or not.  She had absolute raging love toward the Lord and was forcing me to partake of it.  She forgave me and I forgave her.  I cried and received the Lord into my life that day with my daughter’s help.  We flew to Illinois together and I saw my granddaughter for the first time just a few months ago.  I stayed for 3 weeks and drank in her joy.  I am in love with my granddaughter now and am in the process of selling my home in Arizona to move to Illinois to be near her. 

All was lost, and then my daughter decided to fly to Arizona and insist on forgiveness.  Thank you for giving me back my family.  We are praying the prayer of Job over my sons and expect great and mighty things in their lives as well.

My heart is so light and my spirit so full, I just had to write and let somebody know that this prayer of forgiveness has worked wonders in my family. I give the Lord Jesus Christ all the praise for these things.

Alex, Soon to be from Illinois

I started a Bible study at work.  First it was just three of us before work.  Then it grew to five and ten.  Now there are 34 of us that meet twice a week 45 minutes before work to study and share.  The study guide has been very helpful.  We are going to have to split the group because it’s getting too big now and there is not enough sharing time before work starts!

Please understand that all of these people who are in this Prayer Of Job study, except the original three were not saved before they started coming.  They started coming because they heard our weekly testimonies around the office about the great things God was doing as we embraced the chapters and instructions in this book, which is so beautifully based on the Word of God.  My co-workers saw a change in us and then they wanted what we had.  I suppose we were compromising Christians before with little to offer, but now, we are “the thing to do and the place to be!”  I never thought Christianity would be the popular thing to do at my work, but it is!  Lives are being put back together because we are getting real with God, thanks for shaking us up over here!  My supervisor even allows us to play Christian music now at work!

Just thought you’d like to know why I keep ordering more and more books! 

Gena, Florida  

I'm writing because I was a local church hypocrite and gossiper.  I might as well have been a rapist and murderer, the way I feel about it now.  I read your book and thought it was okay, but it wasn’t really getting through, so I put it down.

Then, the lady who does the Bible Study for the church weekly ladies meeting/Bible Study started doing a study out of The Prayer Of Job.   I thought, “great, the dumb book.”  I had to be gracious and act excited, so I did.  Hypocrites can do that!  The study was in my home.  I hosted it (so I could act spiritual, I suppose) and someone else taught.

We got to the part where that man walked out of his wheelchair and I started shouting that it couldn’t have been God.  God wouldn’t do that.  Then they read the part about how mad the other church members got when that happened - how horribly hypocritical it made them.  I was fuming.  They I said, the guy probably wasn’t even sick, he was an actor or something.  Then one woman, maybe you know her, Kimberly Archer, she said, that she was AT that meeting and the man was her brother.  He had been in that wheelchair for years!  She was the one who got the book, because she has been following your ministry on the internet and attends whenever you are within 100  miles of her house. 

What was there left to do?  I had to repent and ask forgiveness from my sisters and from the Lord.  So, there you have it.  Now, you have a letter from a former hypocrite!  Thanks so much for letting me hate you for awhile, so that I could love so much, this much!  I have never known Jesus before.  Never.  We had a Revival that day in my house and I pray the reality of God’s heart in your book continues to reveal constant truth to me.  My marriage and family have finally become stable.  My son, who ran away from home and was wandering the streets of Los Angeles, has come home, my husband has been promoted in his job.  And me, I cry a lot!  Thanks again for giving me back my life - the life Christ intended for me to have.

Gloria, California

I learned through reading this book several times that Jesus is big enough to handle all that we go through and He is bigger than our problems.  I have 8 children all under the age of 15 from 3 different men.  My current husband is father to my last two.  Before their birth I found the Lord but my husband did not care to be a Christian.  He was still embracing our past lifestyle of anger, drunkenness and drugs.

Within months of reading your book, all my children were saved, each and every one, including my teenage daughter who was deep in rebellion.  Before I lay them down at night, we pray the Prayer of Job, quite specifically over people that crossed their path that day.  They each have become quite an example of God’s overcoming ability and love.  We went to church each week while my husband refused to attend.  My husband just kept getting angrier and angrier.

Last month, he hit my daughter very badly and for no apparent reason outside of his own anger.  I tried to stop him; he hit me and then he left.  I had determined to call the police and get him out of the house once and for all. 

All my children came to me and asked if we could just pray for him one more time.  Remember, these are children who have been abused by this man and who aren’t even his natural children.  The twins I share with him are only 4 years old and didn’t really understand what I had on my heart to do.  He became somewhat of a project to these children and I’m ashamed to say that when I wanted to give up, they wouldn’t! 

We prayed for him, we prayed the prayer of Job and reminded the devil that he had no business in our home.   I have confidence now that I didn’t have before reading that book.  My children began to weep over their prayers for my husband.  They began to ask God to heal the wounds from his past that makes him so angry.  They began to tell Jesus that they would love my husband no matter what. 

I don’t know why we didn’t hear him.  Maybe it was all the crying.  He normally makes a lot of noise when he enters a room, but not this time.  After awhile, we heard a man’s crying, my husband’s crying.  He was sitting on the couch behind us, being held in the arms of Jesus at our little family prayer meeting.  The children ran to him and my daughter called him Daddy and said that she loved him.  He begged her forgiveness and asked all the children to forgive him; including me.  He  found Jesus that day.

No matter how long you wait for something, no matter how long you hold on in the middle of a tragic life, when the answer comes, it almost seems like it happened “over night” or in an “instant.”  This has been a miracle bigger than fire coming down from heaven.  I still can hardly believe it and ask sometimes, “Where’s that man I married?”  I am glad that he has been replaced by this Godly man.  He eats the word and has made friends at church.  He actually helps me around the house and is working full time now.  One of his greatest joys are these children and he is always finding something wonderful to do for them.  He has been completely delivered of drugs and alcohol.

It has been a whole month now and there is no sign from his past at all.  He asked me how I was able to hang on and wait for him, how could I and the children forgive him like that and hold on in prayer.  I gave him The Prayer of Job.  He now understands the love of God that motivated us in our little family prayer meeting the day I was going to throw him in jail.

His angry bones have disintegrated.  The “old man” is surely dead.  I know it seems impossible, but he is a completely different man.  It is a true miracle. It was my husband who asked me to write someone and tell them our great story because of God in The Prayer of Job.   

My husband’s name is Keith Jonathan and I can't call him Keith anymore.  He is so very different, I now use his middle name of Jonathan ------ thank you for provoking us to hang on just one more day, because one more day is all it took! 

Elaine, California

Everything and everyone in my life was stripped away from me.  I’m a single mother and although I suffer from Fibromiyalga, I have always held a full time job.  My sickness became unbearable and then I lost my job.  Next we lost our little apartment and had nowhere to stay.    I was in an auto accident, destroyed my car and twisted my body up pretty bad.  I began relating to Job and so I read his story in the Bible.  Then, someone gave me a copy of “The Prayer of Job” and the questions that I had as I read it, were all answered. And as I bonus, further and deeper revelation was revealed.  This was revelation that I could put to use in my own life.  I searched my heart and came before my Lord and ask him if I had secret sin in my life.  He showed me intentions, the intentions of others who had hurt me and really didn’t mean to.  His intentions toward me and how good they were and then the sorry intentions of my own heart, that I thought were so very noble.  I sought after forgiveness from the Lord like nothing I had ever pursued before.  Then I was able, with a true heart to forgive others as well and seek the Lord to bless them……. That’s when I knew that I was being cured of my pain and wounds, when I could sincerely seek blessings upon those who I had forgiven.  The Lord gave me a peace that surpasses all understanding. He showed me that he wanted me, only for Himself. Once I realized this, I started to pray, then I asked God to please bless me with a desire to be completely utterly ruined for Him. I prayed, “Lord, help me to desire only You and not the things of this world or the adoration of people.”  I felt such a fantastic liberty in all of this.

The Lord taught me not to look at my lack, but to praise Him for showing Himself and his glory to me thru His wonderful love and provision for me. Sometimes that provision was far from what I thought I needed, but nevertheless, now I could praise Him through it and stop complaining.   Through your book, I learned how to go beyond praising Him through it, but actually BECAUSE of it.  I began to learn how God was in charge whether it looked like it or not.          God wanted me to know that He desired  to bless me abundantly; once I got this in my spirit, I could believe it and hold on for it, no matter how it looked.  Your book was an immense help in this process.    I began to praise God daily for what He is going to do, not based on what I see, but based on what I KNOW is His desire for me because I heard Him tell me.

My body is well, my friendships are renewed.  I have a new car now and the job I have now in the insurance business pays $8 more per hour than my other job did and I am living in an adorable duplex in a beautiful area, not an apartment on the scary side of town.  My job is only 10 minutes from my house and before I had to commute 40 miles. Just yesterday I shared Jesus with someone who was in a pretty bad way and they began to cry and accepted Jesus as their Savior right there.  I never would have had  the confidence to do that before.

Thank you for extending my faith in Christ that I might see Him bless others as I walk so abundantly and peacefully in mine.

Carol, California

Eight years ago, my husband was violently murdered.  He was a police officer and we knew that the risk came with his job, but still, his death wasn’t easy.  My husband was a good man, but after his death, I found out that he had been an adulterer.  He had been leading a double life.  How could I forgive a ghost.  Years passed, I have raised my son alone and in poverty. 

I have been a Christian for which seems like forever.  I received the Lord on my Grandmother’s lap in Louisiana when I was in grade school.  I have never turned away from Him.  Last year I was given The Prayer of Job as a gift.  I was grateful for it until I started reading it and then it started “messing with me!” 

After reading The Prayer of Job, I had to test what I was made of and I went ahead and took the challenge of praying for my enemies.  I figured I’d be able to do it.  I couldn’t.  The proof was certainly “in the pudding.”  Mine didn’t set quite right!  I failed the test and could not pray blessings on my enemies, so I knew that I had not truly forgiven them and had secret ought in my heart toward:   1) the people who murdered my husband and 2) the woman he had an extended affair with.  At first it was easy to forgive the murderers, they did me a favor, but then the truth made the anger arise. 

I’ll spare you all my gorey details, just know this.  I was a mess.  A hypocritical mess!  I have finally come to this place of not only true forgiveness for the murderers and for my husband’s mistresses, but I have forgiven my husband and know that he is with the Lord.  He did love the Lord, he just became a lost sheep; but still a sheep that belongs to the Lord!  The story about the man in the wheelchair helped me immensely and I want to say a big thank you to the Lord Jesus Christ for setting me free.  It is good to share my story with those who are in bondage to the appearance of Christianity.  They are also getting set free from themselves.  No-one would ever expect that I had such hatred in my heart.  But there it was.  Oh, what a loving Savior we have, that He would reveal such truth!

Olivia, Michigan

We have translated The Prayer of Job into the Burmese language and through it many Buddhists are receiving Christ.  I have taught this book as part of our curriculum at the Bible School here and many lives have been impacted.  I thank you for this great tool for the Kingdom of God.

Brother Kap, Myanamar

We are not far from Guatemala, here in Belize, Central America.  I walk three miles to the prison everyday to help with the prisoners.  Sometimes I simply visit with them, other times I preach or counsel.  It is my volunteer position.  Many of the men have received and renewed their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ because of The Prayer of Job.  Even the man who was “running” his cell block, has been converted to Christ.  He now insists that every man in his block sit in for the bible study we do each week out of this book.  They come in angry, and leave with peace.  These men are slowly learning how to trust Jesus.  They have never been able to trust before and now they are.

We will be turning out profitable citizens into the society of Central America now.  This book has been approved by our government to be read in the prisons because of the impact it was having in the small study groups I was doing.  So, I thank you for your help with our reformation here.  Christian music is playing at the men’s prison 18 hours a day now over the loud speaker. 

Our Prayer of Job study groups have increased by “popular demand” to twice a week. The prisoners “police” each other and threaten to beat the ones up who don’t come to the “Job group.”  They are still learning patience and love!  But, their hearts are getting right.  Praise be to Jesus, He is found everywhere, even in the book of Job, even in Central America! 

Roy, Central America

I read The Prayer of Job on an airplane from Tennessee to Rhode Island.  I began to weep in the Introduction.  Being a grown man, I felt odd about it, but I guess I was fed up with my hard heart and all my pain, so I decided to “let it go.” My wife left me and my children.  She has been gone for 2 years.  My pain was greater than I can say and my hatred was greater than I knew.  It was getting greater with each passing day.  This book rooted it all up in one airplane ride.  I am finally free.  My life doesn’t revolve around what she did or what she is doing any longer, it revolves around Christ.

My children and I pray for her everyday before bedtime and we also pray for her boyfriend. This has been a true testimony of forgiveness to my children.  Instead of being mad at their Mommy, they now pray for her and wish good things upon her and her boyfriend.  We are confident that through this prayer, the Lord’s will is going to be accomplished.  My children already cry a whole lot less and happiness has returned to my home.  My heart is ready for what God has next and I finally am able to trust Him to bring it.  Thank you for the insights that have so powerfully impacted my life.

Marvin, Tennessee

My daughter left home at 18 years old to move in with a 23 year old man who has been beating her up.  I wanted to kill the man.  But, my wife read The Prayer of Job and forced me to listen to her while she read.  I fought it all the way.

My daughter would come home from time to time all bloodied up and sware she wouldn’t go back to him, and then after a couple days, she’d go back.  I was about to disown her when the heart of God spoke to me through The Prayer of Job.

I realized that everyone around me also hated this man and I wasn’t helping the situation.  My wife and I had a meeting with everyone and told them we intended to forgive this man as true Christians should do and then we were going to start praying for him and speaking the blessing of salvation over his life.  So, we got started.  Things got worse for a few weeks with my daughter, she was even rushed to the hospital once and her boyfriend was almost out of his mind with drugs.  We kept on praying and holding on for the truths that were released to us out of this book and through the Word of God.

Then it happened almost all at once.  He came to the house with our daughter.  Said that he was sorry and that he wanted to find God.  He delivered her to us like a beautiful package on Christmas.  It was as if he was blind before and now he could see.  I’ve never seen a man more repentive. 

Turns out he had a very abusive and terrible life with no love.  Then when we weren’t showing him the love of God, it confirmed to him that there was no God.   But, when we began praying for him and blessing him and actually doing nice things for him; it was a real testimony to him and he wanted what we had……..Jesus!

He is in church now and our daughter is still living at home with us, we are all totally restored.  Before I read that book, the only way that this problem would have been solved is by somebody going to prison, for murder.  So, thank you Jesus for freedom.  We are so blessed and I thought someone should know.

Jerry, Indiana

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