Prayer of Moses Nuggets

Lord, You have destroyed the fear and rejection that has caused me to need control and kept me from leaning on You.  Now I know that I am no longer rejected; I am accepted.  I deny the curse that has been upon my life because of my need for identity in anything other than You.  I will no longer be controlled by the past, but go forward into the future.  I forgive those who planted the seeds of rejection in me, and I ask You to bless them, heal them, and deliver them.  Lord, make me a vessel of honor for Your glory. Amen

Taking a Sabbath every day:  reflect on what God is doing in you and what He wants to do in you that day.  Taking a Sabbath is to ensure that your day doesn’t start commanding and confusing you; it’s ensuring that the fruit of the Spirit is alive and well in you.  Take a moment to collect yourself and separate yourself from what’s going on around you.  When you take a Sabbath, you are seeking wisdom, rest and direction.  If we cannot rest in the Lord and be still and quiet before Him, we will not be able to delight ourselves in Him which means putting Him first and walking in knowing Him and not just of Him.

Sabbath moment - Not only coming to hear God, but planning on hearing Him. The sounds are clear and pure.  Be in the middle of a Sabbath moment and not feel the push of circumstances around you.

What we shout in a time of trial reveals what God will honor and what He won’t.

Instructions for life: 

Be ready (find ways to be full of Him).

  1. Come up - stop the world and come to Him in Sabbath moments when He calls you.
  2. Present yourself, be willing and obedient (trusting God to take care of you no matter what).

Moses worshipped (to pay homage to and reverence royalty.) 


  • Praise is about what God can do. 
  • Praise talks about what is going on down here. (God inhabits the praises of His people).


  • Worship is about Who God is. 
  • True worship is about what is going on in heaven. 
  • True worship is found only in a moment of selflessness.  A reckless abandon to Who God is, not what He is doing.  A prayer from the depths of who we are. 
  • Worship - we are seeking His heart - not what He can do, but Who He is.
  • True worship - take Sabbath moments and be still before Him.  Allow your heart to speak the words of your soul.  Say to God:  I came for You - not for what you can do, but because of Who You are.  Whatever comes my way, Jesus is enough.

We need to set our minds and hearts on the One Who gave the promise.  When we set our minds and hearts on Him, it’s easy to agree with Him and, thereby, walk in His favor.  The alternative has us walking in confusion and destruction as we agree with the circumstances around us.

One of the most powerful ways to gain strength is to agree with God while you are waiting on Him.

Faith is knowing something will come to pass; trust is not caring how or when it will.

Moses had to continually yield who he was to who God is.  For many years, he received his identity from what had happened to him and not by whom God had chosen him to be.

Paul was a chosen vessel unto God only after he submitted to the Lord, lost himself in blindness and agreed with God.  Those who only want the Lord walk in a chosen state.

His search for reverence of God began as he realized that, although God didn’t need him, He wanted him.

A need does not automatically present you with a calling to fulfill that need.  You may possess the gift, but without the calling to perform it, you can create problems.

God wants our obedience more than our sacrifice, service and talent.

Once the revelation that he could not continue in his own strength hit him, Moses gained a reverence for God that left no room to revere himself.

We have to practice giving our pain to the Lord, then after awhile, it will become automatic.

Because he was more concerned with his own identity than God’s, Moses had confidence only in who he was in God, not in who God was in him.

The spirit of rejection will cause you to operate your life from either the platform of protection or performance and avoid situations that would provoke you to launch out into the deep in order to protect your heart from feeling pain.

Let us gain our identity in Him alone, not the words of people.  If we need approval and affirmation so badly all the time from people, we will become emotionally and spiritually handicapped without it.  We will stop hearing the Lord and lean on the words of men.  Affirmation, confirmation, validation, recognition are all dangerous words that put an evil twist on the godly form of encouragement.  Be careful of what you need!

Moses believed he was supposed to do something through God.  But it was God who would do something through him.  God had chosen him, but would he agree?

Moses was wounded and had to find courage to believe again.  Lack of trust will prevent faith from growing.  We only have to trust God enough to let Him overcome the fears that hold us back.  We don’t have to do anything based on our ability; God will do it based on His own ability.

God called to Moses, “Come a little closer, I want to see you close up and I want to show you My great love for you.  Come to the holy ground.  You won’t need your shoes up here; you won’t need anything for I AM here.  Come to Me just as you are, for I AM enough.”  (Be still and know that I am God.)  Take time to learn how to “know”.  Let go and let God.

Make daily choices not to behave in a rejected way anymore.  “What ifs” and “but Gods” will make my heart too small for His plan.

It was never about the ability of Moses; it was always about God’s ability.  God doesn’t want us able; He wants us willing.

Partial obedience is glorified disobedience.

Seek God’s heart and not deliverance.

Through trials, you will learn to show, by your heart and behavior, who you know Christ to be in you.  We are learning and growing, but we are also teaching the enemy what he can and cannot do with us.

You “show up” by stopping your need to control everything and letting God be God.  Often these things are a calculated decision, and nothing more.  Once you have prayed for help, the Lord rushes in; but then you need to choose how to behave.

It is the willing heart into which God will pour His ability.  It is in the unable vessel that God’s glory can truly be seen and known.

Lay down your securities and insecurities.  Then you will be gloriously unable and allow Him room to be able.  One of the greatest ways to learn how to trust God is simply sit back and watch Who He is.  Lose yourself to Who God is.

When you declare before a burning bush that you are willing to be the vessel of God, you must allow God to reveal Himself through that willingness before the throne of Pharaoh.  You must submit to the One you have yielded your life to, so that He will be seen and not you.  To operate as a vessel of God, we must understand the value of being held up by the Spirit and not held down by the flesh.  A vessel of God must only hear one voice - God’s.  Don’t be afraid to let God be God in you - not you in God, but God in you.

Moses - foundation of friendship - he was not the deliverer - God was.  We can do nothing without Him.  Will He do it for me?  If don’t believe it - will prevent from moving in freedom of trusting God.

Becoming a vessel of God means learning to trust Him fully.

God’s desire for me:  to battle and overcome until the insecurities and fears of my heart are no more.  Don’t be afraid to take ownership of what God is doing in me.  Only when willing to take the risk of ownership can we offer it back to God.

Moses, hidden in the arms of God, wasn’t tormented by words of man anymore.  He only cared what God thought.

When you allow God to be in control of your life, Pharoah can’t control you any more.  Pharoah was able to manipulate Moses by leaning upon the fear and wound hidden deep.  A vessel of honor must never allow this.

Biggest concern must be hearing God:  How to hear God:  Pray - Peace - Pursue.  To hear Him effectively, have to trust Him, otherwise heart will be busy protecting itself so can’t hear truth.  It takes a discipline of flesh to be still enough to find what He is saying and then brave and trusting enough to pray for it to come to pass no matter what the cost.

Don’t look at what you don’t have but what you do have.  It is never about the destination, but about the journey.  And still, the people would spend the rest of their days doubting and their occupation of choice was to complain.

Because they refused to walk in the power and authority of being heirs, they frustrated the plan of God.

Trade who I am for Who Christ is by learning to lean on Him.  God has called you to this new place; the place of abundance in Him.  You might as well accept this new identity and trust Him.

A desire for the things of the Spirit will eventually give way to the knowing of the things of the Spirit.  Elisha knew his God so he knew what his God would do.

Know that I am truly accepted and no longer rejected.  Trust God to bring abundance on my obedience.  Trust is mature faith.  A friend is a mature vessel.  It’s about the level of intimacy we are willing to walk in with Him.

As a vessel of God, you will be able to look at impending doom and forsake its foreboding thoughts of destruction.

If only focusing on urgent things, will be putting out fires and never simply enjoying who God is.

Heart to heart friendship - Moses wanted to know his Friend and walk in His presence more than anything.

Grace is the inherited right to walk in the authority of God.  II Cor. 12:9  All that mattered to Paul was Christ. 

When Moses asked to see God’s glory, glory means goodness.  Understand the “goodness” of the cross.  Don’t seek power but His presence.

Whatever you hold to be true is binding upon you.

Am I willing to pray the prayer of death over who I was to gain who He is and to be made ready?

Pay attention.  Listen when the Holy Spirit is talking to you.

Moses had the ability to “keep his eye on the mark of the prize of the high calling of God….”

What attitude does your life reflect - relationship that says: “Give me that now!” or fellowship that says: “Give me what You have designed when You have ordained it to come.”

Ask God what He wants so that you can willingly give it to Him because abundance is on the other side of obedience.

Lord, throughout the pages of my life, You have captured my soul with your loving-kindness and shown me Your heart.  Thank You for being consumed with me and not my performance.  As my soul gazes into the heavens, I know without a doubt that You love me, not because of the way things have turned out, but because You never left me.  Amen


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