Today’s service begins at 10:00 and will go as the Lord leads.  It will likely include the following:

Pledge of Allegiance

Singing, prayer, and personal ministry
Feel free to worship in a way that is meaningful to you and honors God.

Sundays only:  Children leave for the ARK after the worship time.
Please send 4-5-year-olds to the foyer.  (More complete child care information is on the next page)



Regular attenders are given an opportunity to share a short message prior to the giving opportunity.

Giving Opportunity
If you have a tithe or an offering, you may place it in the designated container in the front.

Meet and Greet
An informal intermission time.  Restrooms are located in the hallway.

Teaching from the Bible by one of our pastors.

Communion is on the last Friday and Sunday of the month.

Children return from the ARK at 12:30pm.

Ushers, greeters, and security are available to answer any questions you might have, or direct you to
someone who knows.  Feel free to ask!

Worship Service:
The Worship Service at The Revival Center is designed to bless the Lord. We are led into Praise and Worship by the Holy Spirit and are determined to not only bless the Lord, but His people during this time. Often our Worship is filled with miracles and personal ministry time. We linger until the minister feels released to move forward with the service. Therefore, our worship services can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

The Pledge of Allegiance:
We believe it is important to acknowledge the blessing and responsibility of being ordained by God to be citizens of this nation founded “under God.”  We recognize our eternal allegiance and citizenship is in Heaven and that we serve one Savior, King and Lord, Jesus Christ.

We say the pledge recognizing God’s authority to establish nations and our responsibility as citizens of Heaven to live according to God’s Word and as citizens of this earth to live according to His command to obey the laws of the land and responsibility to protect and serve those He has placed in our earthly care.

The Line:
At times, you may hear someone ask you to “come up to the line” from the pulpit to receive prayer. This is a phrase that dates back to our early years when we had service in an old bank; there was a stripe in the carpet where people received prayer during altar time.

No Spin Zone:
We are an active body who loves to minister to one another; if you would like more room to worship or pray and don't want to be disturbed, we invite you to kneel down at the altars or go to the left of the stage where there is an area set aside under the Cross for those who want to be alone with the Lord without disturbance:   The No Spin Zone.

Child Care on Sundays only:
Nursery for ages 0-1 is located down the hall and on your left.  You may leave your baby with our volunteers, or you can visit to take care of your baby’s needs.  There is also a Mother’s Room off of the foyer, equipped with speakers so you can hear the service, where you and your baby can be alone for a time, if needed.

Sheep Gate for ages 2-3 is across the hall from the nursery.

ARK (Amazing Redeemed Kids) for ages 4-5 begins after the worship time.  Children meet in the foyer to be escorted to the ARK, which has another entrance from the outside of the building. Children are escorted back to the sanctuary at 12:30pm. 

Our Mission
The focus of this ministry is to empower the saints to walk in the authority of Jesus Christ; forsaking compromise and apathy while embracing all the gifts of the Spirit of God in full expectancy for the miraculous, with a tenderness toward the heart of God to win the lost by loving people, obeying God, and walking in repentance; seeking the Revival of God across the land.

Our Shepherd
Rev. Sandi Querin is an Ordained Minister and holds degrees in law and business.  She is the founder of Abba’s Heart Ministries, which is the sponsoring non-profit organization for the Revival Center.  She was supernaturally healed of Cystic Fibrosis and many complications from the disease, including emphysema and bronchioccasis in 1998.   She has been actively operating in the gifts of God since 1970 at 12 years old.  She has traveled the world sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

What We Believe
We believe in the fullness of the Word of God and His Spirit.  Our goal is to save the lost and empower the saved through the power of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ.

Worship at 10:00 am. 

Our Life Together
Praise and Prayer meeting starts at 6:30pm.  Staff meets at 6:00 pm on the second Wednesday of the month, followed by Spiritual Training, which is open to everyone, childcare for up to nine years old..

Small Groups, including GO Groups (Gospel Outreach) and Firepower meet regularly. Our monthly Compass newsletter is available from the Greeters.  It has the information you need to find a group as well as meeting times and places.  There is something for everyone. 

Training Classes  Foundations of Faith for new believers, staff and leadership training lunches, Grief Share, marriage, parenting, and finance classes are available at various times and announced in the Compass.

Evangelism.COM is our arm of ministry to the lost and hurting, though Community, Outreach, Missions. The Compass has training meeting dates and ministry opportunities.

Retreats  Getting away and focusing on our faith for a few days is valuable.  King Camp in May and Queen Camp in November.  Visit, or see the Compass newsletter for more information.

September Fast  We enter into a church-wide fast with vigils in prayer and worship.  Prayers are offered with a specific focus and participants choose what they will fast for the month.

All-Church Potlucks are a great way to get to know people!  They are held after the Sunday service, several times a year.

Water Baptisms are held in someone’s swimming pool after the service, as needed.

Now that you are here, what’s next?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page, which includes the highly recommended Foundations of Faith course.

If you would like to be on our mailing list, fill out a Mailing List form with your full contact information.  You will receive the monthly Compass newsletter in the mail and the weekly eNews in your email.  

Ask for a meeting with Pastor Sandi.  Call our ministry office in Kingsburg at 559-897-9575.

Find a small group to participate with!

Welcome!  We are glad you are here!

Resources Available to You

In Case You are Wondering brochures, Salvation brochures, and Freedom booklets are helpful references if you are new to faith or attending church.  

Giving Envelopes are available if you would like to make a cash donation.  If you use an envelope or write a check, a tax-deductible receipt will be mailed to you after the end of the year. Please write legibly.

Recordings of the Sunday service are $5.00.  Please allow 15 minutes for making copies.  You may also watch archives of the live stream here.

Books and CDs by Rev. Sandi Querin are available for purchase in the foyer.  Use the box for payments.

Live Stream for those who are unable to attend services is available on our website.  We also have a podcast and a YouTube channel.
Counseling is available.  Our counseling staff is trained and accredited.

Our Website has a Frequently Asked Questions section.

For more information about the Revival Center and Abba’s Heart Ministries, explore this website.

We are live online every Sunday morning at 10:00am.
Church Location:  2221 Villa Ave., Clovis, CA 93612
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 740, Kingsburg, CA 93631
Ministry Office:  559-897-9575   
Office Location:  1516 Draper St, Kingsburg, CA 93631





Friday Night Revival at 7:00pm

Doors Open at 6:45pm

Nursery provided

You are invited to come and experience the love, the power, and the fire of authentic Christianity.


Visit the Training and Outreach Center: The Revival Center, 2221 Villa Ave.,
Clovis CA 93611

Mailing Address: PO Box 740, Kingsburg, CA 93631

Visit our office: 1516 Draper St, Kingsburg, CA 93631

(559) 897-9575