King Camp 2020

May 2020 - ECCO

May 15-17, 2020
ECCO, in Oakhurst
$225.00 per man

Speakers: Mike Sharp & Paul Cooley, Opening prayer with Rev. Sandi Querin
Worship Team lead by Eddie Scholl

Deadline for full payment is April 17, 2020, but please register as soon as possible.

You might think retreats are just for women, but you would be wrong when it comes to King Camp.  It is an inspired and powerful time.  Coming together once a year is amazing and miraculous, and it drives men to accountability as they fellowship with their brothers in Christ.  You will be blessed by the amazing worship and fellowship.  The Word of God is preached with conviction.  You will leave encouraged and refreshed.

"I was encouraged, not as a suggestion, but as a mandate, to sharpen every area of my life and own the Kingship the Lord has given me."

"We went so fast and so deep in worship and the word, I wasn't sure we would ever come back out ... Maybe a whole week next year?"

"King Camp was a life changing experience." 

"This might seem crazy but I saw this picture and immediately set it to my background. Good memories but also to remind me every time I open my phone to hold to all the great things we learned, to take the Lords leading on becoming a King in every way. Honest a feeling of honor goes through my heart when I look at it."
NOTE:  To provide some flexibility in your payments, you may choose "Payment" which is $10.00.  For example, if you would like to make a payment of $60.00 toward your balance, then make the quantity "6" and you will be charged $60.00.
King Camp
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