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Q:  "What is the difference between Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance?"
A:  "Spiritual Warfare comes in three parts: 
    1.  Resisting the enemy (which is an attacking move, not a running or hiding one)  
    2.  Overcoming the enemy (knowing your authority and identity in Christ through the Word of God)
    3.  Defeating the enemy by destroying his deceptions, temptations and accusations.
    Commands the release of demonic bondage and tearing down of strongholds thru Jesus in order to get a person set free.  Deliverance involves the breaking of legal ground in generational and territorial means that the enemy has acquired in your life; this is done by way of casting out demons and also destroying familiar spirits that oppress.
    Spiritual Warfare is an offensive act which leads to Victory over the enemy's plan in the spiritual realm which manifests on the earth in seducing, controlling, oppressing and possessing spirits."


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